Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 13 - 2015

Table of Contents

Volume 13 - Number 6, November, 2015 (download full issue)

4 Where do Student Outcomes Begin? Developing Professional and Personal Management Skills as a Strategy for Student Success in the First Computing Course and Beyond
Sean Humpherys, West Texas A&M University
Jeffry Babb, West Texas A&M University
Amjad Abdullat, West Texas A&M University

27 The Information Systems Core: A Study from the Perspective of IS Core Curricula in the U.S.
Drew Hwang, Cal Poly Pomona
Zhongming Ma, Cal Poly Pomona
Ming Wang, Califorina State University, Los Angeles

35 A Project Management Approach to Applying Best Practices to Online CS/MIS Experiential Learning Projects
Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University
Ken Surendran, Southeast Missouri State University

43 Assessing Cyberbullying in Higher Education
Ali Kamali, Missouri Western University

54 A Match in the Making: How Emergent Changes in the Marketing Discipline Present Opportunities for Information Systems Programs
Maureen Carley, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jeffry Babb, West Texas A&M University

68 Adding Value: Online Student Engagement
Donna R. Everett, Morehead State University

77 A Systems Analysis and Design Case Study for a Business Modeling Learning Experience for a Capstone CIS/IS Systems Development Class
Jack Russell, Northwestern State University
Barbara Russell, Northwestern State University

97 A Model for Establishing a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
Edward, J. Moskal, Saint Peter’s University

109 Course Redesign Based On the Quality Matters Program: Examples of Before and After
Jennifer Kreie, New Mexico State University
Susan Bussmann, New Mexico State University

Volume 13 - Number 5, September, 2015 (download full issue)

4 Using a Balance Scorecard Approach to Evaluate the Value of Service Learning Projects in Online Courses
Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University

12 Introducing Big Data Concepts in an Introductory Technology Course
Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University

24 Teaching Non-Beginner Programmers with App Inventor: Survey Results and Implications
Andrey Soares, Southern Illinois University
Nancy L. Martin, Southern Illinois University

37 Establishing the Basis for a CIS (Computer Information Systems) Undergraduate Program: On Seeking the Body of Knowledge
Herbert E. Longenecker, Jr. University of South Alabama
Jeffry Babb, West Texas A&M University
Leslie J. Waguespack, Bentley University
Thomas N. Janicki, University of North Carolina Wilmington
David Feinstein, University of South Alabama

62 Enhancing the Classroom Experience: Instructor Use of Tablets
Jeff Cummings, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Stephen Hill, University of North Carolina Wilmington

71 Why Phishing Works: Project for an Information Security Capstone Course
Lissa Pollacia, Georgia Gwinnett College
Yan Zong Ding, Georgia Gwinnett College
Seung Yang, Georgia Gwinnett College

83 Teaching Business Intelligence through Case Studies
James J. Pomykalski, Susquehanna University

92 How Students Use Technology to Cheat and What Faculty Can Do About It
Lisa Z. Bain, Rhode Island College

100 Internet Addiction Risk in the Academic Environment
William F. Ellis, University of Maine at Augusta
Brenda McAleer, University of Maine at Augusta
Joseph S. Szakas, University of Maine at Augusta

106 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Self-Created Student Screencasts as a Tool to Increase Student Learning Outcomes in a Hands-On Computer Programming Course
Loreen M. Powell, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Hayden Wimmer, Georgia Southern University

Volume 13 - Number 4, July, 2015 (download full issue)

4 An IT Strategy Course: Why and How
David M. Woods, Miami University Regionals
Elizabeth V. Howard, Miami University Regionals

12 Live, Model, Learn: Experiencing Information Systems Requirements through Simulation
Kathleen S. Hartzel, Duquesne University
Jacqueline C. Pike, Duquesne University

24 Steganography and Cryptography Inspired Enhancement of Introductory Programming Courses
Yana Kortsarts, Widener University
Yulia Kempner, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

33 The Flipped Classroom in Systems Analysis & Design: Leveraging Technology to Increase Student Engagement
Bruce M. Saulnier, Quinnipiac University

41 A Basic Set of Criteria for Evaluation of Teaching Case Studies: Students’ Perspective
Douglas Havelka, Miami University
Catherine S. Neal, Northern Kentucky University

51 Engaging Engineering and Information Systems Students in Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities through a Disability Film Media Project
James Lawler, Pace University
Val Iturralde, Pace University
Allan Goldstein, Pace University
Anthony Joseph, Pace University

64 The Effectiveness of Data Science as a means to achieve Proficiency in Scientific Literacy
Wendy Ceccucci, Quinnipiac University
Dawn Tamarkin, Springfield Technical Community College
Kiku Jones, Quinnipiac University

71 Experiential Learning using QlikView Business Intelligence Software
RJ Podeschi, Millikin University

81 Addressing the 21st Century Paradox: Integrating Entrepreneurship in the Computer Information Systems Curriculum
Guido Lang, Quinnipiac University
Jeffry Babb, West Texas A&M University

Volume 13 - Number 3, May, 2015 (download full issue)

4 Student Engagement: The core model and inter-cohort analysis
Christopher J. Davis, University of South Florida Saint Petersburg
Karla Kmetz, University of South Florida Saint Petersburg

15 The Impact of Programming Experience on Successfully Learning Systems Analysis and Design
Wang-chan Wong, California State University

24 First Database Course – Keeping it all Organized
Jeanne M. Baugh, Robert Morris University

34 Including a Programming Course in General Education: Are We Doing Enough?
Roger C. Ferguson, Grand Valley State University
Paul M. Leidig, Grand Valley State University
John H. Reynolds, Grand Valley State University

43 Cryptocurrencies: Core Information Technology and Information System Fundamentals Enabling Currency Without Borders
Anthony Serapiglia, St Vincent College
Constance Serapiglia, Robert Morris University
Joshua McIntyre, St. Vincent College

53 Empowering Freshmen with Technology Skills: Wireless Routers
William Vander Clock, Bentley University

81 Incorporating a Human-Computer Interaction Course into Software Development Curriculums
Thomas N. Janicki, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Jeffrey Cummings, University of North Carolina Wilmington
R. Joseph Healy, University of North Carolina Wilmington

99 Cybersecurity Curriculum Development: Introducing Specialties in a Graduate Program
Ali Bicak, Marymount University
Michelle (Xiang) Liu, Marymount University
Diane Murphy, Marymount, University

Volume 13 - Number 2, March, 2015 - Teaching Cases Special Issue (download full issue)

4 Coastal Pacific Doctor Associates: Implementation of a Purchased System
Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University
Michael McDonald, Western Kentucky University

8 Slushie World. An In-Class Access Database Tutorial
Donald E. Wynn, Jr., University of Dayton
Renee M.E. Pratt, Washington and Lee University

14 Information Security in a World of Global Connectivity: A Case Study
Cameron Lawrence, The University of Montana
Garrett Olson, The University of Montana
Bambi Douma, The University of Montana

21 USMCo Payroll System
Katrina Cohill, Miami University
Danielle Dudley, Miami University
Jason Gregg, Miami University
Elizabeth Millette, Miami University
Adam Zinnecker, Miami University
Douglas Havelka, Miami University

26 The Cocoa Shop: A Database Management Case
Renee M. E. Pratt, Washington and Lee University
Cindi T Smatt, University of North Georgia

Volume 13 - Number 1, January, 2015 (download full issue)

4 Business Analytics in Practice and in Education: A Competency-based Perspective
Stanislav Mamonov, Montclair State University
Ram Misra, Montclair State University
Rashmi Jain, Montclair State University

14 Learning Styles, Online Content Usage and Exam Performance in a Mixed-Format Introductory Computer Information Systems Course
Guido Lang, Quinnipiac University
Stephen D. O’Connell, CUNY Graduate School and University Center

23 Evaluating Business Intelligence / Business Analytics Software for Use in the Information Systems Curriculum
Gary Alan Davis, Robert Morris University
Charles R. Woratschek, Robert Morris University

30 T0: Discrete Math and Programming Logic Topics as a Hybrid Alternative to CS0
Nancy L. Martin, Southern Illinois University

45 A Proposed Concentration Curriculum Design for Big Data Analytics for Information Systems Students
John C. Molluzzo, Pace University
James P. Lawler, Pace University

58 A Design Quality Learning Unit in OO Modeling Bridging the Engineer and the Artist
Leslie J. Waguespack, Bentley University