Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 9 - 2011

Table of Contents

Research Articles:
Volume 9 - Number 7, December 2011 - (download full issue)

4 More Technology, Less Learning?
Justin Kulesza, Grand Valley State University
Gerald DeHondt II, Grand Valley State University
George Nezlek, Grand Valley State University

14 Make it Relevant and They Just May Learn It
Jeanne Baugh, Robert Morris University

21 An Improved Database System for Program Assessment
Wayne Haga, Metropolitan State College of Denver
Gerard Morris, Metropolitan State College of Denver
Joseph S. Morell, Metropolitan State College of Denver

33 Implementing a Dynamic Driven Course using LAMP
Joseph Packy Laverty, Robert Morris University
David Wood, Robert Morris University
John Turcheck, Robert Morris University

Teaching Case:
41 BI GIS Competition Brings DSS to AITP NCC
Roger L. Hayen, Central Michigan University

Volume 9 - Number 6, November 2011 - (download full issue)

4 Using Business Analysis Software in a Business Intelligence Course
Juan Elizondo, St. Mary’s University
Monica J. Parzinger, St. Mary’s University
Orion J. Welch, St. Mary’s University

11 Developing Information Systems Higher Education – Lessons Learned from an Inter-organizational R&D Project
Ulf Melin, Linköping University
Karin Axelsson, Linköping University

21 Peer Mentors and Their Impact for Beginning Programmers
Ken Hartness, Sam Houston State University
Li-Jen Shannon, Sam Houston State University

30 Non Directed Utilization of a Hand Held Device: How Does a First Year University Engineering Student Use an iTouch?
Anthony Serapiglia, Robert Morris University
Constance Serapiglia, Robert Morris University

38 Integrating Health Information Systems into a Database Course: A Case Study
Nicole Anderson, Winona State University
Mingrui Zhang, Winona State University
Kirby McMaster, Weber State University

44 Visualizing Opportunities: GIS Skills for Retail Marketing
Peter Wu, Robert Morris University
Eugene Rathswohl, University of San Diego

51 Tag Clouds as a Pathway to Improved Pedagogical Efficacy in Information Systems Courses: A Baseline Study Involving Web 2.0 Technologies
Samuel S. Conn, Kentucky State University
John English, Kentucky State University
Fred Scheffler, Kentucky State University
Simin Hall, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Volume 9 - Number 5, October 2011 - (download full issue)

4 Defining the Content of the Undergraduate Systems Analysis and Design Course as Measured by a Survey of Instructors
Timothy J. Burns, Ramapo College of New Jersey

18 A Relational Algebra Query Language For Programming Relational Databases
Kirby McMaster, Weber State University
Samuel Sambasivam, Azusa Pacific University
Nicole Anderson, Winona State University

27 The Greening of the Information Systems Curriculum
Patricia Sendall, Merrimack College
Li-Jen Shannon, Sam Houston State College
Alan R Peslak, Penn State University
Bruce Saulnier, Quinnipiac University

46 Determining the Most Suitable E-Learning Delivery Mode for TUT Students
Solomon Adeyemi Odunaike Tshwane University of Technology
Daniel Chuene, Tshwane University of Technology

61 Beyond Introductory Programming: Success Factors for Advanced Programming
Arthur Hoskey, Farmingdale State College
Paula San Millan Maurino, Farmingdale State College

71 Systems in the Foundations of Information Systems Course to Retain Students and to Support the IS 2010 Model Curricula
Gayla Jo Slauson, Colorado Mesa University
Donald Carpenter, Colorado Mesa University
Johnny Snyder, Colorado Mesa University

77 Culturally Sensitive IS Teaching: Lessons Learned to Manage Motivation Issues
Wenshin Chen, Abu Dhabi University

86 Establishing and Applying Criteria for Evaluating the Ease of Use of Dynamic Platforms for Teaching Web Application Development
Johnson Dehinbo, Tshwane University of Technology

97 Integrating SAP to Information Systems Curriculum: Design and Delivery
Ming Wang, California State University

105 A Validation Study of Student Differentiation Between Computing Disciplines
Michael Battig, Saint Michael’s College
Muhammad Shariq, American University of Afghanistan

Volume 9 - Number 4, September 2011 - (download full issue)

4 Creating and Using a Computer Networking and Systems Administration Laboratory Built Under Relaxed Financial Constraints
Michael P. Conlon, Slippery Rock University
Paul Mullins, Slippery Rock University

11 Teach or No Teach: Is Large System Education Resurging
Aditya Sharma, North Carolina Central University
Marianne C. Murphy, North Carolina Central University

20 Assessing Blackboard: Improving Online Instructional Delivery
Adnan A. Chawdhry, California University of PA
Karen Paullet, American Public University System
Daniel Benjamin, American Public University System

27 Towards an Innovative Web-based Lab Delivery System for a Management Information Systems Course Delivery
Eric Breimer, Siena College
Jami Cotler, Siena College
Robert Yoder, Siena College

37 Computer Ethics: A Slow Fade from Black and White to Shades of Gray
Theresa A. Kraft, University of Michigan – Flint
Judith Carlisle, University of Michigan – Flint

55 Exploring the Connection between Age and Strategies for Learning New Technology Related
Gabriele Meiselwitz, Towson University
Suranjan Chakraborty, Towson University

63 Selecting a Good Conference Location Based on Participants’ Interest
Muhammed Miah, Southern University at New Orleans

73 Additional Support for the Information Systems Analyst Exam as a Valid Program Assessment Tool
Donald A. Carpenter, Colorado Mesa University
Johnny Snyder, Colorado Mesa University
Gayla Jo Slauson, Colorado Mesa University
Morgan K. Bridge, Colorado Mesa University

Teaching Case:
80 Solving Relational Database Problems with ORDBMS in an Advanced Database
Ming Wang, California State University

Volume 9 - Number 3, August 2011 - (download full issue)

4 AACSB Learning Goals: One-Minute Guest Speakers Help To “Close-the-Loop”
Randy Ryker, Nicholls State University

9 Using Undergraduate Information Systems Student Epistemic Belief Data in Course Design: A Research-based Approach to Improve Student Academic Success
Samuel S. Conn, Kentucky State University
John English, Kentucky State University
Fred Scheffler, Kentucky State University
Simin Hall, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

23 Real World Projects, Real World Problems: Capstones for External Clients
Bryan Reinicke, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Thomas Janicki, University of North Carolina Wilmington

28 Expansion and Validation of the PAPA Framework
Belle Woodward, Southern Illinois University
Nancy Martin, Southern Illinois University
Thomas Imboden, Southern Illinois University

35 Information Technology Diffusion: Impact on Student Achievement
Gregory M. Lee, Our Lady of the Lake University
Mary L. Lind, North Carolina A&T State University

50 Is there a Student ‘Disconnect?’ First-year Hybrid Class Teachers’ Observations and Recommendations for Improving Student Engagement in Information Systems Classes
Joan B. Parris, University of North Alabama
Jana P. Beaver, University of North Alabama
David W. Nickels, University of North Alabama
John D. Crabtree, University of North Alabama

59 A Model for Long Term Assessment of Computing and Information Systems Programs
Hisham Al-Mubaid, University of Houston – Clear Lake
Dan J. Kim, University of Houston – Clear Lake
Kwok-Bun Yue, University of Houston – Clear Lake
Sharon Hall, University of Houston – Clear Lake
Krishani Abeysekera, University of Houston – Clear Lake

68 System Testing of Desktop and Web Applications
James M. Slack, Minnesota State University

83 Integrating Statistical Visualization Research into the Political Science Classroom
Geoffrey M. Draper, Brigham Young University Hawaii
Baodong Liu, University of Utah
Richard F. Risenfeld, University of Utah

Volume 9 - Number 2, June 2011 - (download full issue)

4 Are Password Management Applications Viable? An Analysis of User Training and Reactions
Mark Ciampa, Western Kentucky University

14 A ‘Rainmaker’ Process for Developing Internet-based Retail Businesses
Alan S. Abrahams, Virginia Tech
Tirna Singh, Virginia Tech

27 Texting and the Efficacy of Mnemonics: Is Too Much Texting Detrimental?
Randy Ryker, Nicholls State University
Chuck Viosca, Nicholls State University
Shari Lawrence, Nicholls State University
Betty Kleen, Nicholls State University

34 Cloud Computing in the Curricula of Schools of Computer Science and Information Systems
James P. Lawler, Pace University

55 IS/IT Education vs. Business Education: The Plight of Social Collapse in Technical Business Environments
Brian Hall, Champlain College

65 Incorporating Capstone Courses in Programs Based upon IS2010 Model Curriculum
Ken Surendran, Southeast Missouri State University
Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University

75 Predicting Success in the Introduction to Computers Course: GPA vs. Student’s Self-Efficacy Scores
Joseph T. Baxter, Dalton State College
Bruce Hungerford, Dalton State College
Marilyn M. Helms, Dalton State College

95 Impact of Pre-Grading / Resubmission of Projects on Test Grades in an Introductory Computer Literacy Course
Thomas N. Janicki, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Judith Gebauer, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Ulku Yaylacicegi, University of North Carolina Wilmington

101 Design, The “Straw” Missing From the “Bricks” of IS Curricula
Leslie J. Waguespack, Bentley University

Volume 9 - Number 1, April 2011 - (download full issue)

Page 4 A Community-Based Research Approach To Develop an Educational Web Portal
Lara Preiser-Houy, California State Polytechnic University
Carlos J. Navarette, California State Polytechnic University

Page 14 Exploring Impact of Self-Selected Student Teams and Academic Potential on Student Satisfaction
Vic Matta, Ohio University
Thom Luce, Ohio University
Gina Ciavarro, Ohio University

Page 24 Taking it to the Top: A Lesson in Search Engine Optimization
Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University
John S. Miko, St. Francis University

Page 41 Distance Learning: An Empirical Study
Mehdi Sagheb-Tehrani, Bemidji State University

Page 53 A Financial Technology Entrepreneurship Program for Computer Science Students
James P. Lawler, Pace University
Anthony Joseph, Pace University

Page 60 Student Perceptions of Instructional Tools in Programming Logic: A Comparison of Traditional versus Alice Teaching Environments
Leah Schultz, Tarleton State University

Page 67 Online Support Services for Undergraduate Millennial Students
Marie Pullan, Farmingdale State College

Page 99 An Enterprise System and a Business Simulation Provide Many Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Teaching
Jennifer Kreie, New Mexico State University
James Shannon, New Mexico State University
Carlo A. Mora-Monge, New Mexico State University

Page 107 What Predicts Student Success in Introductory Data Management Classes? An Investigation of Demographic, Personality, Computer-Related, and Interaction Variables
Kenneth J. Harris, Indiana University Southeast
Ranida B. Harris, Indiana University Southeast
Alysa D. Lambert, Indiana University Southeast