Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 1 - 2003 - Table of Contents

   1(1)    Capstone Introductory IS Course: Strengthening Coverage of IS2002.1 and Disentangling it from IS2002.p0Schatzberg
   1(2)    Teaching to Foster Implicit Knowledge. Thompson
   1(3)    Technology and Academic Integrity, Cheating Goes Cyber.O'Neil
   1(4)    Creating Significant Learning Experiences in Systems Analysis and Design: Towards a Service Learning Paradigm. Saulnier

Developing and Using an Integrated Collection of Rich Real-Life Analogies and Metaphors in the Teaching of Complex IT Concepts. Nguyen
   1(6)    Informed Discussion in Information Technology Survey Courses Settle, Berthiaume, Lulis, and Mirza
   1(7)    CIS Curriculum Development Post-Dot-Com VanLengen
   1(8)    Review of Premier Information Systems Journals for Pedagogical Orientation, A. Liegle and Johnson
   1(9)    Implications of Information Assurance and Security Crisis on Computing Model Curricula McGinnis and Comstock

Extraction, Transformation, and Loading in a Data Warehouse CourseBoyno
   1(11)    Teaching Web-driven Database Applications with TemplatesWang
   1(12)   Teaching Computer Information Systems Via Distance Education: A Researched and Personal Perspective Peslak
   1(13)    Examination of Creativity in the Information Systems Curriculum Model and a Proposal for Revision Sweeney
   1(14)   Strategy Course and Integration Course Redundancy in the MSIS2000 Model Curriculum\ Rosenthal

IS Programs become Accredited: COBOL in Crisis Roggio, Comer, and Brauda
   1(16)    .NET as a Teaching Tool Haney and Lovely
   1(17)    Method for Enhancing the Success of Service-Learning Projects in Information Systems Curricula Wilcox and Zigurs
   1(18)   Integrating Agile Development Methodologies into the Project Capstone – A Case Study Jones
   1(19)   Fundamental Patterns for Logic DesignZant

Creating a Collaborative B2B Environment in the Classroom: Evaluation of Methods Utilized in an International Simulation over a 4-Year PeriodAntonucci and zur Muehlen
   1(21)   Identifying Effective Factors for Women Participation in Technology: A Database Model Nicolai
   1(22)   Teaching the Development of Effective Requests for Proposals (RFPs) in the Area of Computer Hardware/Software/Services SelectionManiotes and Winer
   1(23)   Cultivating an MIS Faculty for a Tenure-Eligible Position at a Small Private College Wee, Jensen, and Christianson
   1(24)   Action Learning Model to Increase Critical Thinking Skills in an ALN Masters Information Systems Capstone Course Burns and Janicki

Preparing for the Semantic WebLopez
   1(26)   Architecting of Learning Organizations: The IS Practitioners’ Challenge in Systems Thinking Vat
   1(27)    Exploiting the Complimentary Strengths of Computer Science and Information Systems in the Development and Implementation of Computing Curricula: A Case of an African UniversityOjo
   1(28)   Teaching the Complete Object-oriented Development Cycle, Including OOA and OOD, with UML and the UP Jackson and Satzinger
   1(29)   Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century: Examining the Impact of the Laptop Teaching/Learning Environment on Deep and Surface Learners - Initial FindingsPrescod

Brief Tutorial in Traditional vs. OO Programming Using JavaJohnson
   1(31)   Designing Labs for a Sequence of Network CoursesOwen and Black
   1(32)   Optimizing for Search IndexesKovacs
   1(33)   Improving Web Accessibility Through Service-Learning PartnershipsLazar
   1(34)   IS 2002.10 - Project Management and Practice: Making It WorkSoe

Organizational System Integration Through Emerging TechnologiesKhoo
   1(36)   Preliminary Investigation of Student Perceptions of Online EducationClark
   1(37)    Advancing Local Degree Programs Using the IS Model CurriculumMcGinnis and Slauson
   1(38)   Critical Thinking through Writing in Information Systems CoursesPomykalski
   1(39)   Comparison of Academic and Government Information Security Curriculum Standards> Manson and Curl

Students Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Information TechnologHavelka
   1(41)    State of Systems Analysis and DesignRussell, Tastle, and Pollacia
   1(42)   Grade Distribution and Its Impact on CIS Faculty Evaluations: 1992-2002McDonald and Johnson
   1(43)   ABET CAC Accreditation Experience – Intent and Reality— The Information Systems Perspective Kohun and Wood
   1(44)   Continuous Improvement in an MSIS Graduate ProgramDennis and Dennis

Too Many Labels, Not Enough Agreement: Defining Sub-Disciplines in Computer Science-Related Fields Lenox and Woratschek
   1(46)    Quantum Computing (QC), Quantum Encryption (QE), and Quantum Information (QI) Curriculum (Why? Now? Never?) Frank
   1(47)    Case-Based Approach to Integrating an Information Technology Curriculum, Hartzel, Spangler, Gal-Or, and Jones
   1(48)   Survey of Student Attitudes: Database Competition NCC 2003, A. Pollacia, Miller, Simpson, and McDaniel
   1(49)   Applications Designed to Promote a New Way to Ensure Home SecurityHossain

Will Handheld Computers Succeed in College?Johnson and Rudd
   1(51)   Question Difficulty Assessment in Intelligent Tutor Systems for Computer ArchitectureLi and Sambasivam
   1(52)   Continued Relevance of COBOL in Business and Academia: Current Situation and Comparison to the Year 2000 Study. Carr and Kizior
   1(53)    The Development and Revision of a Model Curriculum in Organizational and End-User Information SystemsDaniels and Feather-Gannon
   1(54)    Influence of Covey Habit Training on Teams.Folse, Longenecker, and Daigle