Volume 1

Volume 1, Number 31

December 27, 2003

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Designing Labs for a Sequence of Network Courses

William N. Owen
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL 36688

Michael Black
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL 36688

Abstract: This paper describes the design objectives for a set of networking laboratories to be used in conjunction with a sequence of networking courses. The strong demand from both industry and model curricula provides justification for both conceptual and practical student training. The design of networking labs is complex because of the hardware and software demands in networking. The goal of developing labs that are flexible, affordable, and maintainable is described along with some suggested lab designs and uses.

Keywords: networking, laboratories, lab scheduling, network administration, network infrastructure, network security

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Recommended Citation: Owen and Black (2003). Designing Labs for a Sequence of Network Courses. Information Systems Education Journal, 1 (31). http://isedj.org/1/31/. ISSN: 1545-679X. (A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of ISECON 2003: §2514. ISSN: 1542-7382.)

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