Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 19 - 2021

Table of Contents

Volume 19 - Number 6, December, 2021 (download full issue)

4 Pandemic Shift: Impact of Covid-19 on IS/Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification Exam Classes: Remote Testing and Lessons Learned
Carl M Rebman, Jr., University of San Diego
Gwendolyn White, Xavier University
Hayden Wimmer, Georgia Southern University
Loreen Marie Powell, Bloomsburg University
Queen E Booker, Metropolitan State University

13 An Investigation on Student Perceptions of Self-Regulated Learning in an Introductory Computer Programming Course
Pratibha Menon, California University of Pennsylvania

27 Aligning the Technical and Soft Skills of Management Information Systems and Business Analytics Curricula to Supplement Accounting Education
Benjamin E. Larson, Troy University
Matthew A. Sanders, Troy University
Jeffrey A. Bohler, Troy University

40 IoT Education using Learning Kits of IoT Devices
Biju Bajarcharya, Ball State University
Vamsi Gondi, Ball State University
David Hua, Ball State University

45 Investigating Student Behavior in an Interdisciplinary Computing Capstone Course
Jason Watson, University of North Alabama
Andrew Besmer, Winthrop University
M.Shane Banks, University of North Alabama
Daniel Ray, University of North Alabama
Gerry Derksen, Winthrop University

55 Moving to Business Analytics: Re-Designing a Traditional Systems Analysis and Design Course
James J. Pomykalski, Susquehanna University

Volume 19 - Number 5, October, 2021 (download full issue)

4 Student Group Satisfaction Perceptions using Agile in a Project-Based Course
Andrea R. Hulshult, Miami University Regionals

10 Transition to Amazon AWS from a Traditional Cluster-Based Information Technology Classroom
Vamsi Gondi, Ball State University
David Hua, Ball State University
Biju Raja Bajracharya, Ball State University

15 Business Students as Citizen Developers: Assessing Technological Self-Conception and Readiness
Donald Thacker, Kent State University at Stark
Victor Berardi, Kent State University at Stark
Vaneet Kaur, Kent State University at Stark
Greg Blundell, Kent State University at Stark

31 Flow Through Regression: A Guide to Interpreting and Communicating Regression Models for Data Analytics Students
Katarzyna Toskin, Southern Connecticut State University
Niki Kunene, Eastern Connecticut State University

45 Distributed Project Teams and Software Development An Introduction to the use of Git and GitHub for ASP.NET MVC Development
Thom Luce, Ohio University

58 Re-Engineering General Education and the Impact on Undergraduate Technology Students
Stuart L. Wolthuis, Brigham Young University – Hawaii
Patricia H. Campbell, Brigham Young University - Hawaii

Volume 19 - Number 4, August, 2021 (download full issue)

4 The Impact of Industrial Placement on BIS Graduate Employment and Further Educational Advancement
Pak-Lok Poon, Central Queensland University
Man Fai Lau, Swinburne University of Technology
Sau-Fun Tang, The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

13 Promoting Positive Student Outcomes: The Use of Reflection and Planning Activities with a Growth-Mindset Focus and SMART Goals
Laura F. Poe, Longwood University
Nita G. Brooks, Middle Tennessee State University
Melinda Korzaan, Middle Tennessee State University
Andrea R. Hulshult, Miami University Regionals
David M. Woods, Miami University Regionals

23 Effects of emergency online learning during COVID-19 pandemic on student performance and connectedness
Kristi L. Boardman, Siena College
Stephanie A. Vargas, Siena College
Jami L. Cotler, Siena College
Dmitry Burshteyn, Siena College

37 Python Programming in an IS Curriculum: Perceived Relevance and Outcomes
Jennifer Xu, Bentley University
Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University

55 Curriculum? Shmurriculum! The Relationship Between Major Curriculum Characteristics and First-Year Earnings for Information Systems Graduates
Guido Lang, Quinnipiac University
Jason H. Sharp, Tarleton State University

61 Towards Improving Student Expectations in Introductory Programming Course with Incrementally Scaffolded Approach
Deepak Dawar, Miami University

77 Class Participation and Student Performance: A Follow-up Study
Ernst Bekkering, Northeastern State University
Ted Ward, Northeastern State University

Volume 19 - Number 3, June, 2021 (download full issue)

4 Development of a Small Cybersecurity Program at a Community College
Patrick Ward, Claremont Graduate University

11 Cognitive Learning Strategies in an Introductory Computer Programming Course
Pruthikrai Mahatanankoon, Illinois State University
James Wolf, Illinois State University

21 An Inventory of Privacy Curricula Offerings in Higher Education Student
Dustin Steinhagen, Dakota State University
Chase Lucas, Dakota State University
Mary Francis, Dakota State University
Mark Lawrence, Dakota State University
Kevin Streff, Dakota State University

31 Online teaching effectiveness: A case study of online 4-week classes in a graduate information systems program
Joni K. Adkins, Northwest Missouri State University
Cindy Tu, Northwest Missouri State University

38 The Importance of Faculty/Staff Support During Times of Crisis
Kiku Jones, Quinnipiac University
Bruce Saulnier, Quinnipiac University
Julia Fullick-Jagiela, Quinnipiac University
Lori N. K. Leonard, The University of Tulsa

47 From Engagement to Empowerment: Project-Based Learning in Python Coding Courses
Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University
Kevin Mentzer, Bryant University

Volume 19 - Number 2, April, 2021 (download full issue)

4 “BILT for Success”: An Alternative Education Strategy to Reskill the Business and Technology Professionals for a Sustainable Future
Xiang Michelle Liu, Marymount University
Diane Murphy, Marymount University

15 Using Student Choice in Assignments to Create a Learner-Centered Environment for Online Courses
Jamie Pinchot, Robert Morris University
Karen Paullet, Robert Morris University

25 Plugin-based Tool for Teaching Secure Mobile Application Development
A B M Kamrul Riad, Kennesaw State University
Md Saiful Islam, Kennesaw State University
Hossain Shahriar, Kennesaw State University
Chi Zhang, Kennesaw State University
Maria Valero, Kennesaw State University
Sweta Sneha, Kennesaw State University
Sheikh Ahamed, Marquette University

35 Building a Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program: Early-Stage Success and Some Lessons Learned
Geoff Stoker, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Ulku Clark, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Manoj Vanajakumari, University of North Carolina Wilmington
William Wetherill, University of North Carolina Wilmington

45 Effects of Teaching and Practice of Time Management Skills on Academic Performance in Computer Information Systems Courses
Sean Humpherys, West Texas A&M University
Ibrahim Lazrig, West Texas A&M University

52 Development of a Flexible Point-based Tenure and Promotion Document in the Age of Societal Uncertainty
Kevin Dickson, Southeast Missouri State University
Nick Johnston, Southeast Missouri State University
Heather McMillian, Southeast Missouri State University
Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University

Volume 19 - Number 1, February, 2021 - Special Issue: Teaching Cases (download full issue)

4 TheatreWorks of Southern Indiana: A Database Design Case
Ranida Harris, Indiana University Southeast
Thomas L. Wedel, California State University, Northridge

9 GlobePort faces a Knowledge Gap in its Business Process Outsourcing
Biswadip Ghosh, Metropolitan State University of Denver

16 Can you Predict the Money Laundering Cases?
Richard V. McCarthy, Quinnipiac University
Wendy Ceccucci, Quinnipiac University
Mary McCarthy, Central Connecticut State University
Nirmalkumar Sugurmar, People’s United Bank

23 Viral Scalability - Coping with Sudden Demand Swings
Paul Witman, California Lutheran University