Volume 7

Volume 7, Number 58

June 17, 2009

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Student Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding Computing and its Related Disciplines

Charles R. Woratschek
Robert Morris University
Moon Township, PA 15108-1189 USA

Terri L. Lenox
Westminster College
New Wilmington, PA 16172 USA

Abstract: Declining enrollments in the computer-related disciplines continues to be problem. To help determine the reasons for this continued decline, first-year students were surveyed. The survey collected data about: 1) the factors that were used to select a college major, 2) why or why not the student picked a major in a computer-related field, 3) the student’s high school guidance counseling experience both in general and in regard to computer-related fields, and 4) perceptions regarding the computing field in general.

Keywords: computer careers, declining enrollment in computer careers, student perceptions of computer careers

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Recommended Citation: Woratschek and Lenox (2009). Student Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding Computing and its Related Disciplines. Information Systems Education Journal, 7 (58). http://isedj.org/7/58/. ISSN: 1545-679X. (A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of ISECON 2007: §3522. ISSN: 1542-7382.)