Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 20

V20 N5 Pages 4-16

Dec 2022

Addressing the COVID-19 Sudden Switch to Remote and Online Teaching with a Framework

Karen Popovich
Saint Michael's College
Colchester, VT USA

Greta Pangborn
Saint Michael's College
Colchester, VT USA

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic in Spring 2020 necessitated a sudden shift to remote learning. Faculty at Ssss Aaaaaa’s College, in Cityxxx (USA), had ten days to re-plan their courses as well as potentially learn new pedagogies, adapt to technology for instruction and delivery, and help students adjust to the changes. In addition, faculty needed to prepare for the likelihood of online teaching in Fall 2020. Applying a structured approach to instructional design for remote and online instruction was accomplished for a Strategic Management course by reworking a framework derived from my previous research. This paper explains the framework and offers examples of class projects and assignments that were effective in achieving learning outcomes for both the remainder of the remote Spring 2020 and the fully online Fall 2020 semester. Successes and challenges from this application and offer ideas for future research development are discussed. The approach can be adapted to upper-level seminar courses in Computer Science and Information Systems. Note: names disguised for blind peer review

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Recommended Citation: Popovich, K., Pangborn, G., (2022). Addressing the COVID-19 Sudden Switch to Remote and Online Teaching with a Framework. Information Systems Education Journal20(5) pp 4-16. ISSN : ISSN: 1545-679X. A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of EDSIGCON 2021