Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 17 - 2019

Table of Contents

Volume 17 - Number 6, December, 2019 (download full issue)

4 Core Exam: Lessons Learned
Nesrin Bakir, West Texas A&M University
Kareem Dana, West Texas A&M University
Amjad Abdullat, West Texas A&M University

12 Intellectual Merit and Broader Impact: Collaborative Education toward Building a Skilled Software Verification and Validation Community
Sushil Acharya, Robert Morris University
Priyadarshan A. Manohar, Robert Morris University
Peter Y. Wu, Robert Morris University

22 Data Cleansing: An Omission from Data Analytics Coursework
Johnny Snyder, Colorado Mesa University

30 Process-Focused Approach to a Systems Analysis & Design Group Project
Aditi Mukherjee, University of Florida
Sarah Bleakney, University of Florida

41 Dotting i’s and Crossing T’s: Integrating Breadth and Depth in an Undergraduate Cybersecurity Course
David J. Yates, Bentley University
Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University
Leslie J. Waguespack, Bentley University
Isabelle McDermott, Bentley University
Jake OConnell, Bentley University
Frankie Chen, Bentley University
Jeffry S. Babb, West Texas A&M University

Volume 17 - Number 5, October, 2019 (download full issue)

4 Software Concepts Emphasized in Introductory Programming Textbooks
Kirby McMaster, Weber State University
Brian Rague, Weber State University
Samuel Sambasivam, Azusa Pacific University
Stuart L. Wolthuis, Brigham Young University - Hawaii

17 IT Infrastructure Strategy in an Undergraduate Course
Ronald E. Pike, Cal Poly Pomona
Brandon Brown, Coastline College

22 Building the Physical Web: A Campus Tour Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons
Jake OConnell, Bentley University
Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University

32 Information System Curriculum versus Employer Needs: A Gap Analysis
Lori N. K. Leonard, University of Tulsa
Kiku Jones, Quinnipiac University
Guido Lang, Quinnipiac University

39 The Soul of the Introductory Information Systems Course
Minoo Modaresnezhad, University of North Carolina Wilmington
George Schell, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Volume 17 - Number 4, August, 2019 (download full issue)

4 Easy as Py: A First Course in Python with a Taste of Data Analytics
Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University
Jennifer Xu, Bentley University

16 A Sentiment and Linguistic Analysis of Online Reviews of Online Universities
Alan Peslak, Penn State University

24 Storing and Querying Bitcoin Blockchain Using SQL Databases
Kwok-Bun Yue, University of Houston – Clear Lake
Karthika Chandrasekar, University of Houston – Clear Lake
Hema Gullapalli, University of Houston – Clear Lake

42 Integrating Big Data Analytics into an Undergraduate Information Systems Program using Hadoop
Justin DeBo, Millikin University
RJ Podeschi, Millikin University

51 Toward Visualizing Computing Curricula: The Challenge of Competency
Leslie J. Waguespack, Bentley University
Jeffry S. Babb, West Texas A&M University

70 Engaging College Students on Collaborative Projects with People with Cognitive Disabilities through e-Portfolios
James P. Lawler, Pace University
Anthony Joseph, Pace University

82 A Cross Collegiate Analysis of the Curricula of Business Analytics Minor Programs
Timothy Burns, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Cherie Sherman, Ramapo College of New Jersey

91 Hour of Code: A Study of Gender Differences in Computing
Jie Du, Grand Valley State University
Hayden Wimmer, Georgia Southern University

Volume 17 - Number 3, June, 2019 (download full issue)

4 Connecting the Dots: Strategies to Recruit Computer Information Systems Students
Steven Leon, Appalachian State University
Jason Xiong, Appalachian State University

20 Using Codecademy Interactive Lessons as an Instructional Supplement in a Python Programming Course
Jason Sharp, Tarleton State University

29 A Preliminary Study: The Use of VoiceThread in Online Business Courses
Yaprak Dalat Ward, Fort Hays State University
James G. Ward, Fort Hays State University
Li-Jen Lester, Sam Houston State University
Minghao Tao, Fort Hays State University

41 Applying an Agile Approach in an Information Systems Capstone Course
Joni K. Adkins, Northwest Missouri State University
Cindy Tu, Northwest Missouri State University

50 The Contribution of the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) to Higher Education Research
Randy Brown, Texas A&M - Central Texas

Volume 17 - Number 2, April, 2019 - Special Issue: Teaching Cases (download full issue)

4 When Technology Meets Tax
Marinela Lautt, Middle Tennessee State University
Eunice Asumadu, Middle Tennessee State University
Nurdin Abdul, Middle Tennessee State University
Melinda Korzaan, Middle Tennessee State University

12 Closing the Deal Amidst Falling Customer Satisfaction
Biswadip Ghosh, Metropolitan State University of Denver

20 Alpha Insurance: A Predictive Analytics Case to Analyze Automobile Insurance Fraud using SAS Enterprise Miner
Richard McCarthy, Quinnipiac University
Wendy Ceccucci, Quinnipiac University
Mary McCarthy, Central Connecticut State University
Leila Halawi, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

25 IT Disconnect at Cascade Sustainable Energy
David M Woods, Miami University Regionals

35 System Design and Development of a Tween Esteem Event Management System Case
Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University

Volume 17 - Number 1, February, 2019 (download full issue)

4 Teaching Professionalism and Ethics in IT by Deliberative Dialogue
Li-Jen Lester, Sam Houston State University
Yaprak Dalat-Ward, Fort Hays State University

18 Informational Evaluation & Social Comparison: A Winning Pair for Course Discussion Design
Elahe Javadi, Illinois State University
Judith Gebauer, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Nancy L. Novotny, Illinois State University

28 Simulation for Network Education: Transferring Networking Skills Between Simulated to Physical Environments
Jim Marquardson, Northern Michigan University
David L. Gomillion, Texas A&M University

40 What! No GUI? – Teaching A Text Based Command Line Oriented Introduction to Computer Science
Ira Goldstein, Siena College

49 Interim Awardee Outcomes after Four Years of a STEM Scholarship Program
Sylvia Sorkin, The Community College of Baltimore County
James Braman, The Community College of Baltimore County
Barbara Yancy, The Community College of Baltimore County