Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 16 - 2018

Table of Contents

Volume 16 - Number 6, December, 2018 (download full issue)

4 The Enhanced Virtual Laboratory: Extending Cyber Security Awareness through a Web-based Laboratory
Michael Black, University of South Alabama
Debra Chapman, University of South Alabama
Angela Clark, University of South Alabama

13 Low-cost Cluster Computing Using Raspberry Pi with Mathematica
Blake Jacobus, Millikin University
RJ Podeschi, Millikin University

23 Infrastructure Tools for Efficient Cybersecurity Exercises
Jim Marquardson, Northern Michigan University

31 Server on a USB Port: A custom environment for teaching systems administration using the Raspberry Pi Zero
Michael Black, University of South Alabama
Ricky Green, University of South Alabama

39 Using Learning Journals to Increase Metacognition, Motivation, and Learning in Computer Information Systems Education
Guido Lang, Quinnipiac University

48 Triangulating Coding Bootcamps in IS Education: Bootleg Education or Disruptive Innovation?
Leslie J. Waguespack, Bentley University
Jeffry S. Babb, West Texas A&M University
David J. Yates, Bentley University

Volume 16 - Number 5, October, 2018 (download full issue)

4 Information and Communication Technology in the Classroom: BYOD and the University’s Role
Gary Alan Davis, Robert Morris University
Frederick G. Kohun, Robert Morris University

12 Cyber Security Curriculum Development: Protecting Students and Institutions While Providing Hands-On Experience
Jim Marquardson, Northern Michigan University
David L. Gomillion, Texas A&M University

22 Sprint, then Fly: Teaching Agile Methodologies with Paper Airplanes
Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University
David J. Yates, Bentley University
Julie S. Kukesh, Mendix Corporation

37 Data Analytics Workshop Series for Non-Computing Major First-Generation-College-Bound Students
Sam Chung, Southern Illinois University

45 Long-term Follow-up of STEM Scholarship Students to Degree Attainment
Sylvia Sorkin, The Community College of Baltimore County

56 Do the Knowledge and Skills Required By Employers of Recent Graduates of Undergraduate Information Systems Programs Match the Current ACM/AIS Information Systems Curriculum Guidelines?
Timothy Burns, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Yuan Gao, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Cherie Sherman, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Stephen Klein, Ramapo College of New Jersey

66 The Impact of Teaching Approaches and Ordering on IT Project Management: Active Learning vs. Lecturing
Christopher Sibona, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Saba Pourreza, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Volume 16 - Number 4, August, 2018 (download full issue)

4 Group Assignments as a Class Element to Promote Performance in Virtual Groups
Raymond Angelo, Quinnipiac University
Richard McCarthy, Quinnipiac University

13 Diversity in Information Systems: Increasing Opportunities in STEM for Capable Students with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities
James Lawler, Pace University
Anthony Joseph, Pace University
Melanie Greene, Pace University

27 Attitudes Toward Course Delivery: A Multi-University Study of Online, On-ground, And Hybrid Instruction
Alan Peslak, Penn State University
Lisa Kovalchick, California University of Pennsylvania
Wenli Wang, Robert Morris University
Paul Kovacs, Robert Morris University

34 Active Learning and Formative Assessment in a User-Centered Design Course
Joni K. Adkins, Northwest Missouri State University

41 The Urgency for Cybersecurity Education: The Impact of Early College Innovation in Hawaii Rural Communities
Debra Nakama, University of Hawaii Maui College
Karen Paullet, Robert Morris University

53 International Service Learning in IS Programs: The Next Phase – An Implementation Experience
Kiku Jones, Quinnipiac University
Wendy Ceccucci, Quinnipiac University

Volume 16 - Number 3, June, 2018 (download full issue)

4 A Tribute to Bart Longenecker: An IS Education Maverick and Visionary
Jeffrey P. Landry, University of South Alabama
J. Harold Pardue, University of South Alabama
Roy. J. Daigle, University of South Alabama

15 Harnessing Business Analytics: Analyzing Data Analytics Programs in U.S. Business Schools
Rachida Parks, Quinnipiac University
Wendy Ceccucci, Quinnipiac University
Richard McCarthy, Quinnipiac University

26 Administrative or Faculty Control of Online Course Development and Teaching: A Comparison of Three Institutions
Darcy B. Tannehill, Robert Morris University
Constance P. Serapiglia, Robert Morris University
Jeffery K. Guiler, Robert Morris University

35 Managing an NSF-Funded Information Technology Scholarship Program
Pruthikrai Mahatanankoon, Illinois State University
William Hunter, Illinois State University
Saad El Zanati, Illinois State University

45 Reaching and Retaining the Next Generation: Adapting to the Expectations of Gen Z in the Classroom
Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University
Christine Ladwig, Southeast Missouri State University

55 Increasing Advocacy for Information Systems Students with Disabilities through Disability Film Festivals at a Major Metropolitan University
Anthony Joseph, Pace University
James Lawler, Pace University

Volume 16 - Number 2, April, 2018 (download full issue)

4 Student Guide: Super Saturday Series (S3): Dashboard in Power View
Nannette P. Napier, Georgia Gwinnett College

11 ACS: Bringing Business Intelligence and Analytics to a Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming Company
Nicholas Christian, Middle Tennessee State University
Innocent Akujobi, Middle Tennessee State University
Munmun Saha, Middle Tennessee State University
Melinda Korzaan, Middle Tennessee State University

18 Dragon Air: A Database Design Case
Donald Wynn Jr., University of Dayton

25 System Development and Data Modeling for Stevens’ Wholesale Health Supplies
Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University
Ziping Liu, Southease Missouri State

34 Formula One – a database project from start to finish
Anthony Serapiglia, St. Vincent College

Volume 16 - Number 1, February, 2018 (download full issue)

4 Connecting the Dots and Nodes: A Survey of Skills Requested by Employers for Network Administrators
Gerard Morris, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Janos Fustos, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Wayne Haga, Metropolitan State University of Denver

13 Introducing the Cloud in an Introductory IT Course
David M. Woods, Miami University Regionals

21 Grit and the Information Systems Student: A Discipline-Specific Examination of Perseverance and Passion for Long Term Goals
Nita G. Brooks, Middle Tennessee State University
Scott J. Seipel, Middle Tennessee State University

33 A Comparison of Key Concepts in Data Analytics and Data Science
Kirby McMaster, Weber State University
Brian Rague, Weber State University
Stuart L. Wolthuis, Brigham Young University – Hawaii
Samuel Sambasivam, Azusa Pacific University

41 The Challenges of Teaching Business Analytics: Finding Real Big Data for Business Students
Alexander Y. Yap, North Carolina A&T University
Sherrie L. Drye, North Carolina A&T University

51 “Hour of Code”: A Case Study
Jie Du, Grand Valley State University
Hayden Wimmer, Georgia Southern University
Roy Rada, University of Maryland Baltimore

61 ViNEL: A Virtual Networking Lab for Cyber Defense Education
Bryan Reinicke, Rochester Institute of Technology
Elizabeth Baker, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Callie Toothman, GE Digital Technology