Volume 9

V9 N5 Pages 61-70

October 2011

Beyond Introductory Programming: Success Factors for Advanced Programming

Arthur Hoskey
Farmingdale State University
Farmingdale, NY 11735, USA

Paula San Millan Maurino
SUNY Farmingdale
Farmingdale, NY USA

Abstract: Numerous studies document high drop-out and failure rates for students in computer programming classes. Studies show that even when some students pass programming classes, they still do not know how to program. Many factors have been considered to explain this problem including gender, age, prior programming experience, major, math background, personal attributes, and the programming language itself. Research in this area has mainly been confined to introductory programming courses. This study explores the problem at a higher level. It tracks students longitudinally as they move from the first introductory programming class, to the second introductory class, and finally, to completion of an advanced programming course. The research question answered was: What are the factors contributing to the success or lack of success in advanced programming? The success factors examined were the introductory programming language taken, number of programming classes taken, track (concentration in the major), math and logic background, time lapse between the introductory and advanced programming class, instructor, gender, and general GPA. The factors that influenced student success were found to be the introductory programming language, time lapse between the introductory and advanced class, general grade point average, and track. Identification of these factors will help educators to make the best decisions on how to improve computer curriculum and programs and help students become better programmers.

Keywords: programming, programming languages, programming success, programming failure, success factors, introductory programming, advanced programming, programming languages

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Recommended Citation: Hoskey, A., Maurino, P. S. (2011). Beyond Introductory Programming: Success Factors for Advanced Programming. Information Systems Education Journal, 9(5) pp 61-70. http://isedj.org/2011-9/ ISSN: 1545-679X. (A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of ISECON 2010)