Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 21

V21 N5 Pages 60-66

Nov 2023

Design Thinking: Facilitating Consumer Access to Community Services

Jason Ferguson
Bellevue University
Bellevue , NE USA

Michelle Louch
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Abstract: A community hospital is planning for its second annual public health initiative campaign and has looked at the prior year’s success and areas that need improvement. One of the main areas of improvements identified from the findings was related to access to transportation to and from the clinic during this campaign last year. The marketing team has recommended your software development team help figure out a killer app that can help. The case focuses upon 1) a public health outcome, namely improving access to healthcare, 2) systems and design thinking approaches to software development and the internet of things, 3) mockup tools and user interface design, 4) understanding stakeholder requirements and feature requests, 5) presentation of a prototype application. The tasks were designed by one of the authors for a course called Creating Solutions with Integrated Technology. This case presents a blend of healthcare management and technology concerns and is an appropriate capstone project for an undergraduate information systems course.

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Recommended Citation: Ferguson, J., Louch, M., (2023). Design Thinking: Facilitating Consumer Access to Community Services. Information Systems Education Journal21(5) pp 60-66. ISSN : ISSN: 1545-679X.