Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 21

V21 N2 Pages 38-55

May 2023

Mid-Pandemic Impact on Mobile Learning Motivation Factors

Neelima Bhatnagar
University of Pittsburgh Greensburg
Greensburg, PA USA

Ann-Marie Horcher
Northwood University
Midland, MI USA

Abstract: The study examines the motivating factors driving mobile information systems use (MISU) for mobile learning. The primary objectives include comparing attitudes of students and faculty towards the influence of perceived usefulness (PU), perceived playfulness (PP), and perceived enjoyment (PE) on MISU. Additionally, the influence of personal innovativeness (PI) on PU, PE, and PP is also assessed. The previous study examined these attitudes prior to the pandemic. This study focuses on the attitudes existing mid-pandemic, when new strategies toward m-learning were by necessity applied much more broadly than at any other time historically. The method used is a survey of quantitative constructs. Research contributions, limitations, and implications for future research are also discussed. Though student participants felt perceived usefulness led to mobile learning use mid-pandemic, faculty did not. Furthermore, neither group felt perceived usefulness yielded perceived usability.

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Recommended Citation: Bhatnagar, N., Horcher, A., (2023). Mid-Pandemic Impact on Mobile Learning Motivation Factors. Information Systems Education Journal21(2) pp 38-55. ISSN : ISSN: 1545-679X. A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of EDSIGCON 2022