Information Systems Education Journal


V18 N6 Pages 46-56

Dec 2020

Implementation of Cloud Based Evidence Acquisitions in Digital Forensic Education

Diane Barrett
Bloomsburg University
Bloomsburg, PA USA

Abstract: In a cloud computing environment, traditional digital forensic processes (such as turning off the computer to image the computer hard drive) can be disruptive to legitimate businesses because the data of legitimate businesses may be co-mingled with other content. As technology forces changes to the digital forensics discipline, the way digital forensics acquisitions are conducted are also changing. The change in methodology affects the way this subject matter is taught in programs and institutions. Methods to teach digital forensic acquisition methods in a cloud computing environment are limited due to the complexity of the cloud environment. This paper explores how a panel of expert practitioners viewed evidence acquisitions within the cloud environment, the implications for digital forensic education, and suggestions on how the education field can prepare students for technological changes in digital forensic acquisition processes where cloud computing environments are concerned and also help develop new methodologies. The paper offers a classroom case scenario as an example on how new methodologies and tools can be used in the classroom.

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Recommended Citation: Barrett, D., (2020). Implementation of Cloud Based Evidence Acquisitions in Digital Forensic Education. Information Systems Education Journal18(6) pp 46-56. ISSN : ISSN: 1545-679X. A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of EDSIGCON 2019