Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 17

V17 N6 Pages 22-29

December 2019

Data Cleansing: An Omission from Data Analytics Coursework

Johnny Snyder
Colorado Mesa University
Grand Junction, CO 81501, USA

Abstract: Quantitative decision making (management science, business statistics) textbooks rarely address data cleansing issues, rather, these textbooks come with neat, clean, well-formatted data sets for the student to perform analysis on. However, with a majority of the time spent on gathering and pre-conditioning data, students need to be trained on what to look for when receiving data. A critical scan of the data needs to be performed (at a minimum) to look for errors in the data set before data analysis can be performed.

Keywords: data anyalsis, Data cleansing, data formatting, data pre-conditioning, pareto principle

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Recommended Citation: Snyder, J. (2019). Data Cleansing: An Omission from Data Analytics Coursework. Information Systems Education Journal, 17(6) pp 22-29. ISSN: 1545-679X. (A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of EDSIGCON 2018)