Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 15

V15 N1 Pages 86-93

January 2017

Towards Improved Student Experiences in Service Learning in Information Systems Courses

Olga Petkova
Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, CT 06050, USA

Abstract: The paper explores briefly past research on service-learning in Information Systems courses over the previous 15 years. One of the conclusions from this is that most of them are not founded on specific theoretical models and are mainly about sharing instructor or student experiences. Then several theoretical frameworks from Education and other disciplines and their relevance for service-learning are analyzed. As a result, several directions for future research towards improvement of service-learning in IS education are proposed.

Keywords: active learning , experiential learning, IS Education, service-learning

Download this article: ISEDJ - V15 N1 Page 86.pdf

Recommended Citation: Petkova, O. (2017). Towards Improved Student Experiences in. Information Systems Education Journal, 15(1) pp 86-93. ISSN: 1545-679X. (A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of EDSIG 2016)