Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 12

V12 N6 Pages 83-91

November 2014

Document Explosion in the World of Big Data – Curriculum Considerations

Xiang (Michelle) Liu
Marymount University
Arlington, VA 22207, USA

Diane Murphy
Marymount University
Arlington, VA 22207, USA

Abstract: Within the context of “big data”, there is an increasing focus on the source of the large volumes of data now stored electronically. The greatest portion of this data is unstructured and comes from a variety of sources in a variety of formats, much of which does not conform to a consistent data model. As business and government organizations become “paperless”, the system of “record” in these documents (including text messages, social media postings, tweets, and email messages) becomes more important. The job of “records management” is becoming more significant in the information systems discipline, as businesses and government agencies struggle to control and manage their electronic resources for regulatory, compliance, legal, and business analytics purposes. Records management has risen to be a separate discipline with its own certifications and job classifications. Many of the principles in the discipline were developed in the time of paper records but still apply in this electronic age, and are now considered part of the responsibilities of the information technology worker. As this is a potential large job market, it is time to consider whether electronic document management (in addition to database management) should be included in the college-level preparation of undergraduate students who will join the workplace in the time of “big data” and its exploitation. This paper looks at the field of electronic document (records) management and its insertion in the undergraduate information systems curriculum.

Keywords: big data, records management, electronic documents and records management, Information Systems Curriculum, document management

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Recommended Citation: Liu, X., Murphy, D. (2014). Document Explosion in the World of Big Data – Curriculum Considerations. Information Systems Education Journal, 12(6) pp 83-91. ISSN: 1545-679X. (A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of ISECON 2013)