Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 14

V14 N5 Pages 33-43

September 2016

The Relative Efficacy of Video and Text Tutorials in Online Computing Education

Guido Lang
Quinnipiac University
Hamden, CT 06518, USA

Abstract: This study tests the effects of tutorial format (i.e. video vs. text) on student attitudes and performance in online computing education. A one-factor within-subjects experiment was conducted in an undergraduate Computer Information Systems course. Subjects were randomly assigned to complete two Excel exercises online: one with a video tutorial and one with a text tutorial. The instructions in the video tutorial and the text tutorial for the same exercise were identical – differing only in their presentation format. Following each tutorial, subjects completed a short test and a survey. Results suggest that tutorial format does not cause significant differences in student performance, time spent on tutorial, time spent on test, perceived time spent, perceived difficulty, perceived helpfulness, enjoyment, motivation, or likelihood to recommend the tutorial. Given this finding, educators and instructional designers are best advised to minimize the effort and cost involved in creating and implementing tutorials.

Keywords: student attitudes, Student Performance, text tutorial, tutorial format, video tutorial

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Recommended Citation: Lang, G. (2016). The Relative Efficacy of Video and Text Tutorials in Online Computing Education. Information Systems Education Journal, 14(5) pp 33-43. ISSN: 1545-679X. (A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of EDSIG 2015)