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Volume 18, No. 4 - August, 2020

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4 Using Goal Setting Assignments to Promote a Growth Mindset in IT Students
David M. Wood, Miami University Regionals

12 Liberating Legacy System Data with Rails, Intelligent Use of Conflict Data with Automated Class Scheduling Tools
Stuart L. Wolthuis, Brigham Young University – Hawaii
Christopher Slade, Brigham Young University - Hawaii

22 Undergraduate Business Analytics and the overlap with Information Systems Programs
Wendy Ceccucci, Quinnipiac University
Kiku Jones, Quinnipiac University
Katarzyna Toskin, Quinnipiac University
Lori Leonard, The University of Tulsa

33 Lizards in the Street! Introducing Cybersecurity Awareness in a Digital Literacy Context
Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University
Birgy Lorenz, Tallinn University of Technology

46 Academic Entitlement Beliefs of Information Systems Students: A Comparison with Other Business Majors and An Exploration of Key Demographic Variables and Outcomes
Scott J. Seipel, Middle Tennessee State University
Nita G. Brooks, Middle Tennessee State university

59 An Assignment a Day Scaffolded Learning Approach for Teaching Introductory Computer Programming
Deepak Dawar, Miami University
Marianne Murphy, Miami University

74 Learning How to Teach: The Case for Faculty Learning Communities
David Gomillion, Texas A&M University
Aaron Becker, Texas A&M University>
Jordana George, Texas A&M University
Michael Scialdone, Texas A&M University


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The Information Systems Education Journal (ISEDJ) is a peer reviewed journal published six times per year that focuses on IS education including (but not limited to) model curriculum, outcomes assessment, distance education challenges, capstone and service learning projects, security, and information system research toward educators. Accepted papers are peer reviewed to determine quality and level of contribution. This submission process is integrated with the EDSIG Conference on Information Systems & Computing Education (EDSIGCON)


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